It’s a Fact: The Social Network Soundtrack Increases Body Awareness

Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross

It sounds like an electronic pulse wired to your brain via your ear holes;  sometimes up-lifting, sometimes haunting, but always mesmerizing.  That’s how I would describe the soundtrack to The Social Network by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross.  And who gives a shit if I saw the movie or not, I’m talking about the music, standing alone and causing an effect, which it certainly does.

While listening to “The Social Network” soundtrack your body cells will expand, multiply and divide.  You will grow as a human being and increase those little neurological centers in your brain (synapses, I think is what they are called) that help with cognition and define you as “you”.  The sound will travel your blood stream and neurological network, flowing from your fingertips to your toes as it generates life inside of you where life never existed.  I hope that you understand that this is not just something you listen to on your car stereo as you drive from the supermarket to your apartment – no!  This album/soundtrack is meant to be listened to while sitting, preferably with a full set of headphones and no disturbances.  You are to experience it, and not like those unrewarding blockbuster movies that are released in 3D each summer, but like The Downward Spiral (1994) or Broken (1992), where subterranean nuances of sound are woven into the rhythm and your body and mind grows from listening.  However, this is a new Trent Reznor that we hear.  This isn’t the chaotic and paranoid, “I want to f*** you like an animal” Trent Reznor that we once knew.  This Trent Reznor is more simple, calm, and at ease.

What you should experience (if you properly listen to the soundtrack using the technique described above) is something beyond love-making or exercising.  It is a new physical act that can increase body awareness.  So, are you ready for it?  Are you ready for the experiments of Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross?  Will you be ready for their future experiments?  I certainly hope so.

In addition to “The Social Network” soundtrack be sure to check out theses other Nine Inch Nails albums by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross that are similar in sound; Ghosts I-IV, The Slip, as well as a new collaboration that includes Reznor’s wife, How to Destroy Angels.

Where do ex-Bandmates Go? To “Lost Coves”

Where do ex-band-mates go after a band breaks up?  Some of them get jobs.  Some of them get married.  Some of them fall off the face of the planet.  But some of them start a new band and continue to explore their musical talents, like ex-band-mate and friend, Dylan Ricards of Brooklyn-based band Lost Coves.

Dylan & Bil a.k.a. Lost Coves

Lost Coves were on their way West, stopping at every big-little club and city that had a stage and electrical outputs (or more precisely; any club open to their unique “spacey” sound).  One such club was the Doll Hut in Anaheim, CA., where I re-connected with Dylan and got to see a live performance of his new musical act.  And wowee-zowee!  I haven’t ever been launched into outer space before, but I imagine this is what it sounds like.  It starts with a low, distorted rumbling from the bass and heavy pounding from the drums, then it transports into a free-fall that is both sweet and melodic.

I guess you could say Lost Coves’ sound is like that of a roller-coaster.  But more like a roller-coaster with loops, spirals, zig-zags, and whoop-dee-doos, rather than just the old-fashioned carnival roller-coaster that goes up and down.  But that’s Dylan for you, he’s always been an alternative thinker and intellectual and I’m glad to see that he’s forever expanding his musical talents… and the universe.  Here’s to you, old chum!

Check out Lost Coves at Saw Her Ghost Records, a killer independent record label based out of Michigan, and pick up their two single-disc EPs; Bookends and the self-titled Lost Coves.  They’ll send you out of this world!

The Smalltime Drug Peddler: “Asked Out”

Opening page to Asked Out

I’d like to take this opportunity to promote my first written issue to Misadventures of the Smalltime Drug Peddler, a mini-comic originally created by junior high and high school classmate, as well as band-mate and long-time friend, Dave Law.

Dave originally created the character of The Smalltime Drug Peddler as a class assignment at San Francisco State in 2002.  However, he received such a tremendous uproar from his friends at Isotope Comics in San Francisco that he continued to write and draw issues of the book.

In 2010, eight years and nine issues later, I elbowed my way onto the book and this is what Dave and I have to show.  This is the first part to a two part storyline about The Smalltime Drug Peddler being asked out on a date from an old acquaintance, Robbie, who first appeared in issue #1.

Page 2 of MSTDP: Asked Out

“Misadventures of the Smalltime Drug Peddler” is the story of a crude  20-year-old girl, who lives in the suburban town of Sunny Day, and sells drugs to her odd mixture of drug-induced fiends and friends.  Dave and I have already begun conceptualizing on a long line of stories to our smalltime-drug-peddling-sweet-heart and we can’t wait to share them with you.

You can find copies of the mini-comic at at these fine retail establishments:  Skylight Books in Los Angeles, Meltdown Comics in Hollywood, and Isotope Comics in San Francisco.