Jesus is back… and he’s a Punk Rocker!

Comics have reached a lull, much like movies are in a lull right now. They cater to mainstream audiences and it’s rare that we ever see a story that steps out of the mold and reminds us why the medium is so great. Well there’s a new comic in town. The first issue was released last week and we’ll see five more issues of this mini-series in upcoming months. It’s called Punk Rock Jesus, and it’s the comic book to break our current state of catalepsy.

Punk Rock Jesus is about the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, cloned from the Shroud of Turin, and destined to be the star of a reality television show called “J2”. But Jesus Christ doesn’t want to be the next great messiah, he’d rather be a punk rocker. Now, just imagine the hysteria from the public this might create. Imagine the nut-jobs and fruit-cakes this kind of dilemma would churn out from the woodwork. Somebody’s got to protect J2, and that somebody is a stone-cold, ex-IRA terrorist-bodyguard. It sounds like absolute madness, doesn’t it…!?

There’s only been one issue so far and already, like a junky sweating until his next big score, I’m hooked. Not only because of the controversial content, but because of the contrasty black and white illustrations, a throwback to the independent comics of the 1990’s (i.e. Tank Girl). Who would have the cajones to release such an absurd and offensive comic book…? None other than Vertigo Comics, the publisher that originated in the 1990’s with mind-altering and alternative content like Hellblazer, Sandman, and Shade, the Changing Man.

Thank you Sean Murphy for creating such a kick-ass comic. And thank you Vertigo, I’m glad to see you’re back.



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