What’s up with “Johnny J. Jones”?

Poster artwork by David Law

In the last couple of months this screenwriter has been busy finishing a screenplay, one that he is particular proud of and he would like to share with you. It’s a story about the criminal activities of Death Row Records and its C.E.O., Marion “Suge” Knight, as well as the unsolved murder of Tupac Shakur.

The story is based on factual events, but is primarily fiction. My main character is Johnny J. Jones, a man that I created and threw into the inner workings of Death Row Records in late 1995. Johnny is recently paroled from prison and is hired by Suge to be his personal bodyguard. But what Johnny learns is that the role of “bodyguard” is actually that of an enforcer. You see, Death Row Records and Suge Knight was notorious for using strong-arm tactics and methods of intimidation in order to conduct business and Suge hires Johnny with the expectation that he will further apply those methods. Not a bad gig for a man whose well on his way to becoming a career criminal, but a terrible occupation for Johnny, whose trying hard to hold on to his crumbling marriage and prove to his wife that he’s a devoted father to their newborn son. That’s gotta be tough for anyone to do while they’re working for Death Row.

Oh yeah, by the way, Johnny J. Jones killed Tupac. Okay, so he wasn’t the one who pulled the trigger, but he indirectly helped organize the hit on Tupac with a Los Angeles police officer named Nino Perez, who’s assigned by the D.A. to topple the Death Row empire. It’s all in the screenplay and it’s a fascinating read. My best so far (I think). I’m calling it Johnny J. Jones.


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