Damn Good “Cal McDonald Detective Tales”

Artist Kelley Jones provides the illustrations

Some genres really do mix well together and there couldn’t be a better pairing of genres than that of Detective Crime Noir and Horror. Steve Niles (author of 30 Days of Night) seamlessly combines these two genres much like The X-Files had done with its blending of Detective Procedurals and Science Fiction. The world that Niles creates is a dark and strange one, yet palpable. The degenerate demons and vindictive vampires of Nile’s world are common beings amongst us, but sometimes they need a little investigating, and sometimes the investigations can get a little bloody.

Cal McDonald Detective Tales features the private detective, and unabashed junky and alcoholic, Cal McDonald as he investigates crimes of the supernatural sort. He’s your typical private eye, full of skepticism and cynicism, and he handles his investigations like any other Los Angeles “dick” of the 1940’s and 50’s; with a loaded gun and a pair of bloody knuckles. However, McDonald’s prime suspects are ghouls, geeks, and goons of the psychopathic variety. It’s certainly not an easy job, but somebody has to clean up the dirty scum that preys on the even dirtier scum that haunts the Los Angeles streets.

I met Steve Niles last October at the Long Beach Comic Book and Horror Convention. He hosted a panel and talked about independent publishing and writing and I have to say, for a man that has a lot of sick and twisted ideas, he sure is a very pleasant person. I purchased a copy of this limited edition book and had him sign it for me. It came inside a zip-lock plastic “evidence” bag as if it were a potential piece of evidence, bagged by a detective and submitted to a court of law (or thrown into a box amongst other forgotten evidence items at the police station, i.e. O.J. Simpson’s gloves, Tupac’s police report, etc.). It’s a true rarity and if you ever happen to find a copy of the book in those more esteemed comic shops and book stores, don’t hesitate, buy yourself a copy and be sure to enjoy the madness.



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