Fantastic Reads: “The Man in the Moon”

I’ve often looked up into the night sky and been very curious about that satellite called the Moon that rotates synchronous with the Earth. “Who lives there and how come it shines like it does at night?” I’d ask myself. At last, those questions have been answered in a clear and concise way that is easy for a 32-year-old adult male to understand and you are welcome to those answers too in a book titled, The Guardians of Childhood: The Man in the Moon by William Joyce.

This children’s fable tells the story of MiM (the Man in the Moon) from baby boy to grown adult, and how he earned his title. Through beautiful illustrations and some very clever and elegant writing, we learn of that satellite in the sky that has forever remained a mystery and of who or what lives there. It turns out that glow worms, lunar moths, moon mice, and moon bots live on the moon, all of them dedicated to protecting and serving the little baby boy that grew up to become the Man in the Moon.

Wallpaper spread from The Man in the Moon

Did you know, that in a golden age, many centuries ago, the moon was a ship called The Moon Clipper? That’s right, the moon would transform into a galleon and enormous sails would spread from its masts and The Moon Clipper would sail the open galaxies until it reached Earth, where it remained. You see, the parents of MiM wanted to hide their only child from the treacherous King of Nightmares, known as Pitch. But Pitch finally caught up to The Moon Clipper and threatened to haunt MiM’s dreams and MiM’s parents sacrificed themselves to save their child. Then, as an orphan boy, MiM was raised and protected by the creatures of the moon and he never forgot the legacy of his parents and he forever honored his parents as the Man in the Moon.

It’s all in this illustrious hardback children’s book by William Joyce, an animator and author, and a great thinker! If you wish to learn more, visit The Guardians of Childhood interactive website where you can watch videos, download illustrated trading cards, and even learn how to draw a moon bot. It’s all a lot of fun, no matter what age you might be.


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