Fantastic Reads: “The Tale of Edgar Trunk”

The Tale of Edgar Trunk: Book 1

For those of you intrigued by children’s fantasy stories similar to those by Neil Gaiman or J.K. Rowling, I have an alternate book for you: The Tale of Edgar Trunk by Jason O’Silva. The full title to Book 1 of the series is titled, The Grimy, Often Miserable Factory (That Was His Home). It tells the story of orphaned, ten-year-old Edgar Trunk and his daring escape from his Uncle Warnock and the factory where he grew up. It’s not an easy task for a ten-year-old, nor an any-year-old, especially since the factory is a maze of dark corridors and illusions, but with the help from friends that he meets along the way; like a married couple of dust bunnies, Mr. Harold and Mrs. Margaret, or Sebastion, the bashful Crillow (a dangerous species of bird known for their high-pitched wail), or even Stewpot, who provides Edgar with books to read when he is not allowed any disruptions from his chores, Edgar escapes the factory’s walls and surrounding lake of sludge.

But poor Edgar is not out of the woods yet. By escaping the factory and defeating “the man with many tubes” Edgar has made it aware to his enemies, IT and HIM, that he is indeed still alive. So, will Edgar find a way to defeat the evil IT and HIM and prevent the world from sinking further into darkness…? I guess we’ll find out in Book 2 which is tentatively titled, The Tale of Edgar Trunk: Olivia Saunders and the Stupendous, Eerily Perfect Town (That Was Her Home)… And the Boy Who Wandered There. What a fantastic title!

To learn more about “The Tale of Edgar Trunk” or the independent publishing company responsible for printing such a wonderful book, Thimble Publishing, visit their site.


One thought on “Fantastic Reads: “The Tale of Edgar Trunk”

  1. I’ll wait for the movie series. Just kidding Chris, I’m currently reading a book that is way too grown up for me about the inner workings of the FBI according to a journalist that was given full carte-blanche access to the FBI in the late 80’s. When I’m finished with it, I’ll pick up a copy of Edgar Trunk and give it a whirl.


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