Where do ex-Bandmates Go? To “Lost Coves”

Where do ex-band-mates go after a band breaks up?  Some of them get jobs.  Some of them get married.  Some of them fall off the face of the planet.  But some of them start a new band and continue to explore their musical talents, like ex-band-mate and friend, Dylan Ricards of Brooklyn-based band Lost Coves.

Dylan & Bil a.k.a. Lost Coves

Lost Coves were on their way West, stopping at every big-little club and city that had a stage and electrical outputs (or more precisely; any club open to their unique “spacey” sound).  One such club was the Doll Hut in Anaheim, CA., where I re-connected with Dylan and got to see a live performance of his new musical act.  And wowee-zowee!  I haven’t ever been launched into outer space before, but I imagine this is what it sounds like.  It starts with a low, distorted rumbling from the bass and heavy pounding from the drums, then it transports into a free-fall that is both sweet and melodic.

I guess you could say Lost Coves’ sound is like that of a roller-coaster.  But more like a roller-coaster with loops, spirals, zig-zags, and whoop-dee-doos, rather than just the old-fashioned carnival roller-coaster that goes up and down.  But that’s Dylan for you, he’s always been an alternative thinker and intellectual and I’m glad to see that he’s forever expanding his musical talents… and the universe.  Here’s to you, old chum!

Check out Lost Coves at Saw Her Ghost Records, a killer independent record label based out of Michigan, and pick up their two single-disc EPs; Bookends and the self-titled Lost Coves.  They’ll send you out of this world!


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