The Smalltime Drug Peddler: “Asked Out”

Opening page to Asked Out

I’d like to take this opportunity to promote my first written issue to Misadventures of the Smalltime Drug Peddler, a mini-comic originally created by junior high and high school classmate, as well as band-mate and long-time friend, Dave Law.

Dave originally created the character of The Smalltime Drug Peddler as a class assignment at San Francisco State in 2002.  However, he received such a tremendous uproar from his friends at Isotope Comics in San Francisco that he continued to write and draw issues of the book.

In 2010, eight years and nine issues later, I elbowed my way onto the book and this is what Dave and I have to show.  This is the first part to a two part storyline about The Smalltime Drug Peddler being asked out on a date from an old acquaintance, Robbie, who first appeared in issue #1.

Page 2 of MSTDP: Asked Out

“Misadventures of the Smalltime Drug Peddler” is the story of a crude  20-year-old girl, who lives in the suburban town of Sunny Day, and sells drugs to her odd mixture of drug-induced fiends and friends.  Dave and I have already begun conceptualizing on a long line of stories to our smalltime-drug-peddling-sweet-heart and we can’t wait to share them with you.

You can find copies of the mini-comic at at these fine retail establishments:  Skylight Books in Los Angeles, Meltdown Comics in Hollywood, and Isotope Comics in San Francisco.


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